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Library of Tirana City

In addition to the libraries that are part of UT, you can visit a number of other libraries in the city of Tirana.

Library No.4 of Municipal Unit No.9 Address: Mine Street PezaThe space of this Library is 65m2 and operates with open funds. The bookshelves are arranged around the walls, which makes it possible to use the space. In total, this library holds approximately 16,000 books. This library contains literature from all fields and helps all students. This library has a total of 8 study sites.

Library of the Academy of Sciences Address: Fan Noli Square, adjacent to the Assembly. The Library of the Academy of Sciences has a legacy of about 65 000 periodical volumes, covering all subjects of scientific research. The Library of the Academy of Sciences is the basic unit for the grant relevant information on scientific and technological productivity and everything new about the members of the Academy: in central bodies, in scientific research, in universities, in public and private stakeholders as well as in civil society. She conducts all correspondence related to literature exchanges, at home and abroad. The Library of the Academy of Sciences has access to a wide range of high quality full text electronic resources. Contact: Tel :04 259 658
National Library Address: Skanderbeg Square, next to the Palace of Culture Scientific Hall; The Periodic Hall; “Paolo Petta” Hall; American Corner (JW Bush Street) German HallScientific HallThis hall serves as fundraising material: Antiques, Manuscripts, Dissertations, Archives and Albano-Balkanology, only in the hall, under the supervision of the assigned employee. Funds for the Antiquities, Manuscripts and Archive fund are served when the user is provided with authorization, issued by scientific institutions and signed by the head of the Institution. Periodical HallThis room is used for current political and social and technical-scientific journals and newspapers, Albanian and foreign languages. Type reference materials: encyclopedias, terminology dictionaries, bibliographies, printed catalogs for literature in various fields. Unique copies of the book in Albanian, atlas, etc. The literature in this room is served with open funds divided by fields, languages, periodicity. Electronic materials such as CD-ROMs, video tapes etc. are also available. Room “Paolo Petta” This reading room was set up with the help of the Italian Institute of Culture with materials donated by the Italian Senate and the family of Italian scholar Paolo Petta. With a wealth of books, mainly in Italian, written on Albania and Albanians as well as many dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, etc. it offers scholars the contemporary practice of open source funding. Over 800 publications have been placed in this room according to the branches of science, which include encyclopedic publications, different bibliographies, dictionaries of different languages, etc. Of particular value are the publications of an Albanian-Balkan nature. American Corner is a contemporary library and information service that provides open and uninterrupted access to a wide range of US information in the form of printed reference materials, databases on CD-ROMs. and direct access to American resources through the Internet. This service covers a wide range of information on the United States, its history, politics, culture and literature. It serves a wide circle of citizens interested in the latest developments and developments in this country. It also helps those who wish to conduct research on US political, educational and cultural issues; provides information for those wishing to study at American universities; serves data for people interested in doing business with US companies etc. The American Corner serves as traditional cultural and information material such as books and magazines of interest to US political, economic and social life, as well as the Internet. German Reading Room The German Reading Room is part of the National Library’s library services and helps German-speaking readers, students and German language teachers. in an old National Library building specially restored for this purpose and equipped with modern information tools and technologies. This room serves a rich German literature fund donated by the Goethe-Institut, but a selection of books from the National Library’s book fund are also a valuable part of its collections. The literature of this room (books, reference publications, periodicals, etc.) helps readers to become better acquainted with German traditions, culture, history and literature. Contact: Tel :04 223 843 / 269 954 / 247 482 / 269 955
Tel/Fax : 04 257 670
ARTS UNIVERSITY LIBRARY The University of Arts Library is the largest and oldest art library in Albania. It is a unique, unique university library, and directly contributes to the formation of young artists. Its mission is to support the teaching, educational and artistic process, serving students and lecturers of the Art University as well as researchers and researchers. artists from different art institutions and art schools wherever they are in Albania. Our vision is to have the UART Science Library as a functioning art center in Albania. audiovisual, electronic literature, etc. The University of Arts Library Fund contains about 35,000 volumes. Most of the fund is unique. In this library, through the integration of open source systems, a catalog can be accessed anywhere through the official University of Designed Digital Archives web site where the special collections available by the Library are archived. Corresponding digital collections have been created by three faculties: Faculty of Music: Manuscript Collection / Collection of Digital Translated Tapes / World Music / Albanian Music / Theoretical Theses of University Students and Postgraduates / Biographies of Masters and Artists Old Dramas / Biographies / Theoretical Theses of University and Postgraduate Students / Biographies of Stage Artists / Artists of UART Students Faculty of Fine Arts: Biographies / Exhibitions of Professors and Students / Theoretical Works / Student Affairs etc. Contact: Miranda BAKIASI Tel/Fax: +355 4 2 255 721