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Professional Master

“Professional Master”


The study programs of the “Professional Master” provide graduates, with Bachelor’s degree, with practical professional knowledge in the relevant field. It’s completed with 60 or 120 credits and their normal duration is respectively one year or two academic years.

Students in this program, based on the criteria set forth in the faculty regulation for the average grade, may graduate with a final general examination or diploma thesis.

At the end of this second cycle study program, a university degree “Professional Master” in the field of completed education is issued.

1. Faculty of Law

• Civil Law
• Criminal Law
• Public Law
• EU Business Law


2. Faculty of Economy

• Business Administration
• Public Administration
• Finance
• Finance, Accounting and Audit
• Accounting and Audit
• Marketing
• Tourism Management
• Systems of Information in Economy
• European Economic Studies
• Information Technology in Managing Business Processes


3. Faculty of Foreign Languages

• Translation profile: Translator


4. Faculty of History and Philology

• Geography teacher for higher primary education
• Literature-Linguistics teacher for higher primary education
• History teacher for higher primary education
• Editing
• Archive
• Tourism Guide
• Information system in applied Geography


5. Faculty of Natural Sciences

• Environmental Biotechnology
• Business Informatics
• Information and Communication Technology
• Mathematics and Informatics Engineering


6. Faculty of Social Sciences

• Human and Practice Philosophy
• Psychological Counseling
• Professional Orientation
• Specialized Social Pedagogy
• Social Politics Analysis
• Advanced Social Work in profile:
1. Social work in Education
2. Social work in Health
• Social Institutions Administration in the system of Justice
• Education Sociology
• Governance and Public Politics
• Legal Psychology
• Conflict solution through Meditation


Branch of University of Tirana in Saranda

• Tourism Management