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All students of the University of Tirana are informed that with the Decision of the Rector no.47, dated 14.04.2020 (click here), the election period and the date of the elections for a member of the Student Councils of the Faculties of the University of Tirana are suspended until the end of the epidemic. caused by Covid infection 19.

Regulation on the first elections of student councils at the University of Tirana (click here)

Student councils

  1. Student councils are independent organizations of UT students, who represent and protect the interests of students of UT in all study programs.
  2. They do not conduct political, economic or other activities not in accordance with the norms of the Statute and ethics.
  3. They have the right to be organized at the level of UT or at the level of main units.

Activity of Student Councils

  1. Student Councils support their activity in law no. 80/2015 “On higher education and scientific research in institutions of higher education in the Republic of Albania”, in this statute as well as in the acts for the organization and functioning of the councils.
  2. The Student Council of UT drafts and approves the statute for the functioning his. The student councils of the basic units draft and approve the regulations for their functioning in accordance with the statute of the Student Council of UT.
Functions of Student Councils UT Student Councils have the right to:
  1. Promote student participation and coordinate their representation in UT bodies and main units.
  2. Express opinions and proposals for UT study programs , regulations for teaching activities, as well as the right to study.
  3. Give their opinions on the quality of services provided by the main units and / or basic units.
  4. Participate in setting tuition fees and other financial contributions for students and make proposals in connection with them and with the annual preliminary balance sheets of expenditures or with the allocation of financial resources.
  5. To organize together with the main units or only various scientific, social, cultural, artistic, sports activities, etc.
 Selection of Student Councils
Student councils have a 2-year term and their members are elected by the votes of all UT students or the main unit. The rules regarding the voting process are defined in the relevant regulation.
Establishment of Student Councils
  1. In At the moment of starting the process of setting up structures for student councils, the governing authorities, respectively t The Rector and the Administrator of UT, if they are at the level of UT or the dean and the administrator of the main unit, if they are at the level of the main unit.
  2. After the elections and the issuance of the result, as well as the creation of the Student Councils, the governing authorities are informed as above.