Constituent Units - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

Constituent Units


The University of Tirana (UT) is the largest public university in the country. It stands out of all other public and private universities for the number, variety, and the individuality of the faculties, branches, courses and profiles of study, specialization and qualification. UT is currently composed of 6 faculties (main units), two research and development institutes (main units), one sports department subordinated to UT (special inter faculties unit),“Confucius“ Institute depending on UT (special unit ), as well as a brach in Saranda (UT separate units). Each faculty is composed of no fewer than 3 departments (basic units). The Saranda branch consists of two basic units (English Language and Business Administration departments).

Facuylty of Law

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of History and Phylology

Faculty of Natyral Science

Faculty of Social Science

Subsidiary of Saranda

Institute of Applied Nuclear Physics ( research and development institutes (main units))

Institute of European Studies ( research and development institutes (main units))

Sports Department Subordinated to UT (special inter faculties unit)