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Skadar Lake without chemical pollution- SOLUTION

Title: Skadar Lake without chemical pollution- SOLUTION

Reference: 00-257

Duration: 01 Jan 2021 – 23 Mar 2023

Program: IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Montenegro-Albania 2014-2020


The project aims to promote the protection of the environmental management system for the cross-border area of Skadar Lake; support joint and coordinated research of dangerous chemical substances in the area and the identification of hot points, pollutants and provide both countries with more significant data and statistics in this regard.

Common territorial challenges covered by the project arise from the need to protect the lake and its threatened environmental areas from environmental pressures, arising mainly from human activity. International cooperation is necessary to face in a coordinated and homogenous manner water pollution and risk identification per the EU’s framework, to produce a wider and more concrete impact compared to isolated initiatives.

Thus, the project’s purpose is to affect the environmental risk assessment of chemical pollution in Skadar Lake and determine pollution hot points. Through the project’s activities, pollutants will be analyzed and, based on samples and testing results, certain measurements will be delivered to prevent risk. Furthermore, a planned approach will lead to the introduction of innovative ways to present results on environmental quality monitoring in the country.



Centre for Eco toxicological Research Montenegro

University of Tirana- AL

Association Greece Center, Albania


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