Cooperation agreement between UT and the Coordination Center Against Violent Extremism - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

Cooperation agreement between UT and the Coordination Center Against Violent Extremism

Rector of the University of Tirana Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha and the Director of the Coordination Center Against Violent Extremism, Mrs. Lady Dervishi, signed the Cooperation Agreement for the realization of joint activity in the framework of the prevention of radicalism and violent extremism.

The purpose of the cooperation agreement is the realization of a joint and coordinated activity for the respect, strengthening and advancement of the protection of fundamental human rights, for the management of the process of the Albanian citiziens return from former countries of conflict, the institutional commitment of all state actors involved in this process, as well as the challenges encountered in this regard.

Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha said that through this cooperation UT should increase the capacities in order to be protected from this phenomenon, being that it is a large institution with around 27.000 students and the exposure is high.

Activities that will take place in the framework of this cooperation, include:

– Recognition, research and promotion of the values of tolerance, peace and coexistence of communities with cultural, ethnic, religious diversity, etc .;

– Improvement/recognition and professional training of candidates for the profession of teacher, psychologist, social worker, public administration, journalism, through the findings of scientific research activities on the identification of individuals and factors that promote radicalism and violent extremism in the community;

During the meeting the parties expressed their readiness to cooperate for the design, application and/or implementation of joint projects, as well as for the development of any kind of necessary activity.