European Week at the University of Tirana, 2019 - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

European Week at the University of Tirana, 2019

In the framework of the European Week, on May 7, 2019, the University of Tirana, in collaboration with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the European Union Delegation to Albania, held the activity titled “Albania and the European Union support youth through the university” in the Academic Senate Hall.

This activity was attended by the University of Tirana Rector, Prof. Dr. Mynyr Koni, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gent Cakaj, His Excellency the European Union Ambassador, Mr. Luigi Soreca, deans, lecturers, students and guests.

In his speech, Rector Koni stated that the involvement of the University of Tirana on European Union projects is particularly important, as it enables academic staff exchange with EU colleagues.

Prof. Dr. Mynyr Koni underlined the importance of such projects to students because they enable them to participate in exchanges in partner universities in the EU, which, according to him, would help develop and enhance their labor market skills further. Furthermore, Rector Koni focused on Jean Monnet projects on which the academic staff at the University of Tirana has participated through the modules, thus conveying European values to both students and the Albanian society.

Mr. Gent Cakaj, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and His Excellency Mr. Luigi Soreca, in their speeches on the occasion, acknowledged the involvement of the academic world on various international projects, thus promoting excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies and beyond.

At the activity, Mr. Elton Skendaj, Director of International Relations and Students gave a presentation on the history of applications to the Erasmus+ KA1 Project at the University of Tirana, as a success story, by providing figures and facts on the project.

Moreover, two more presentations were given on the Jean Monnet Project modules implemented at the University of Tirana.

The presentations were given by Ms. Dhurata Milori, academic staff involved on the Jean Monnet project at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Ms. Meljana Bregu, Jean Monnet Project Coordinator at the Faculty of History and Philology.