Project: UT-Research, Excellence and Innovation - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

Project: UT-Research, Excellence and Innovation

Program: UT-Research, Excellence and Innovation

The aim of the Program is to support full-time academic staff in realizing competitive research objectives by supporting the extraction of preliminary data, targeting the establishment of new collaborations in the future.

The program’s objectives are:

  • To support full-time academic staff in specific research areas for the generation of credible and market-competitive scientific data, which can serve as the basis for further applications in international applications, too.
  • To support full-time academic staff in developing their research projects and setting the conditions for career advancement.
  • To support Main Units and Base Units in expanding their research and innovation area, and sustainable development, in accordance with the UT’s scientific research strategies and market needs, and determine the project’s feasibility for the purpose of providing preliminary data to support funding applications outside the university.
  • To fund strategic research that fulfils the UT’s needs and priorities.


Title: Aspects of management of Probation Service specialists in Albania: in the perspective of Tokyo Rules

Reference: UTKEI-FD-01-2021

Duration: 24 months


Purpose: This project aims to analyze whether international standards, namely Tokyo Rules, are applied in the Probation Service Specialists (PSS)’ management in Albania, starting from the selection process, motivation, performance evaluation and professional development, up to their discharge from this service.


Title: Legal Albanian

Reference: UTKEI-FD-02-2021

Duration: 24 months


Purpose: The primary objective is the creation of a comprehensive linguistic corpus that will constitute the basis of the analysis to identify the main incoherence, problems and misrepresentations of the legal language.


Title: Analyses of Priority Substances in the Main Ports’ Waters in Albania

Reference: UTKEI-FSHN-01-2021

Duration: 24 months


Purpose: The project aims to bring valid analytical and scientific data regarding marine pollution in the main ports in the country, with a focus in Durrës and Vlora Ports, which are two of the largest ports in the country.


Title: The pedagogy of automatic language processing (PeTAG)

Reference: UTKEI-FGJH-01-2021

Duration: 12 months


Purpose: The main objective of the project is to create a double master degree, the first in the area of automatic language processing by referring to the following priorities:

? The national development strategy

? Albania’s integration to the EU

? Good governance, democracy and rule of law

? Macroeconomic and fiscal stability

? Increase of competition

? Development of the individual and social community

? Sustainable use of resources


Title: New technologies in teaching literature

Reference: UTKEI-FHF-01-2021

Duration: 6 months


Purpose:  The project targets life-long learning for the profile applied on scientific research. Research in the project is conducted in several directions expecting concrete, measurable and operational results, targeting quality increase; impacting the establishment of standards in both educational directions: teaching and scientific research, as well as the applicability of new methodologies enabled through technology. As such, the project targets a selection and evaluation of adequate methodologies related to literature ; implementation of methodologies applied in technology in all stages of teaching and learning, and the dissemination of results achieved in a national level, namely concrete practices in the target groups, as the project has an applicative character.


Title: The integration of Western Balkan countries in the perspective of competitiveness and economic efficiency

Reference: UTKEI-FE-02-2021

Duration: 18 months



Purpose: The project aims to analyze advantages and problems that may be reflected by enlargement policies of the cooperation framework in the economic area of Western Balkan countries towards a Common Regional Market.


Title: Long-term emigration and its contribution to the country’s economic and social progress

Reference: UTKEI-FE-04-2021

Duration: 10 months



Purpose: The project targets the creation of a useful tool to help:

  • scientific research in the area of emigration as a part of research areas of the Department of Economics;
  • identification of a behavioral model of long-term emigration, addressing findings to the function of improved effectiveness of policies.


This will enable the Albanian government to improve policies undertaken for the increase of the emigrants’ contribution, mainly in promoting entrepreneurship and increasing investments.


Title: University – Business cooperation towards new market needs: Qualification, Innovation, Funding, Technology (SME – KIFT)

Reference: UTKEI-FE-05-2021

Duration: 24 months



Purpose: This project targets the strengthening of the university – business connection in the framework of demands for innovation, sustainable development and new COVID-19-influenced conditions, as well as the promotion of cooperation between the University and business world as a highly significant factor in conducting joint scientific research internship projects for students applied in practice and beyond.



Title: Historical Demography in Kosovo

Duration: June 2021- November 2022

Funder: HERAS+- Higher Education Research and Applied Science plus

Description:  Kosovo’s behavior in the quantitative research area in historical demography


Title: Promotion of the Cyber Hygiene E-Learning Course at the University of Tirana

Duration: February- June 2021

Funder: Development foundation of the USA (CRDF GLOBAL)

Description: The course’s main objectives are awareness raising of students for cyberthreats and upskilling of students regarding Cyber Hygiene.


Title: Academic Initiative against Illicit Financial Flow activities


Funder: The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH”- (GIZ),

Description:The project is related to the enhancement and empowerment of the academic staff’s capacities in the area of illicit financial flows, where a training module will be conducted by international experts on the money laundering and other illicit financial activities.