Balkan Universities Association 2024 Conference - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

Balkan Universities Association 2024 Conference

The University of Tirana and Balkan University Association (BUA) cordially invite you to the Balkan Universities Association 2024 Conference and the 8th Meeting of the Balkan Universities Association hosted in Tirana, on June 3rd– 4th, 2024. 

The topics of the event: Balkans’ European Integration process and ‘‘Promotion of Tourism in Balkans’’!

The 8th BUA Meeting, organized in a congress-style format, offers an exceptional opportunity for networking and fostering collaborative relationships. We eagerly anticipate the participation of BUA members at this event. 

Balkan Universities Association comprises currently 92 universities from the Balkan Region. The Association aims to be a collaborative academic platform, fostering the cooperation among universities in Balkan.

The primary aim of Balkan Universities Association is to determine a leading vision for the future through the universities, the libraries, the research centers in Balkan region on the base of common global values.

Besides, forming up a scientific network in the areas of the language, the culture, the art, the history, the economy, the education and sports and caring out collaborative scientific works in these areas are aims of BUA.


University of Tirana

The University of Tirana, the main and oldest university, located in the capital city of Albania, aims to remain a model of public higher education, characterized by rigorous academic preparation and in-depth scientific research, an educational institution of first choice for students committed to transforming their lives and the society.

University of Tirana offers a full range of bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs. The university contributes to the development of society, through the three pillars of the mission of public higher education: research, education, and service to the public. We provide student-centered education as well as foster personal and intellectual growth, to prepare students for productive and responsible civic careers lobal society.

  • Founded in 1957, roots in 1946
  • Main Units: 6 Faculties; 3 Institutes, 1 Branch
  • Comprehensive University: 165 Programs (BA/MA/PhD)
  • 31 programs in foreign language (17 at Faculty of Foreign Languages and 14 at other faculties)
  • Large size: 18255 students; 789 full time academic staff
  • HR Excellence in Research Award (awarded by EU Commission)
  • Ranked 1st at the national level;
  • Member in 13 prestigious International Networks

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