Europeanization of Public Policies in Albania-EPPAL - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

Europeanization of Public Policies in Albania-EPPAL

Title: Europeanization of Public Policies in Albania-EPPAL
Reference: 101048064 — EPPAL — ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH
Duration: 36 months (2022-2025)
Program: Erasmus+, Action- “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence”


Through the project, UT has proposed the first-time establishment of a public Albanian HEI as an Excellence Center (Europeanization of Public Policies in Albania) to promote synergy between public university departments (with or without experience in European Studies), policymakers, relevant NGOs and other civil society actors.

Objectives of the Excellence Center:

  • Promotion of perfection in teaching in European Union studies;
  • Teaching with modules covering the impact of European Integration from a multidisciplinary perspective in both faculties that now have a demonstrated Jean Monnet experience and faculties that have recently taken part of specific courses of the EU;
  • Advanced research in the area of law, political sciences, economics and sociology, to assess Albania’s progress with the Europeanization of formal and informal procedures and processes;
  • Encouragement of dialogue between the academic world and society/ Training activities with lawyers; forums with policymakers, experts and civil society representatives.
  • Reaching the general public and disseminating EU-related knowledge/ e.g., online academic forums with national and international researchers and EU representatives and debate tours to training and engage UT students in discussing strategies and procedures of the Integration Process.


Benefits from the project: 14 researchers, 1000 students, 2500 lawyers and assistant lawyers, general public (depending on participation in public events).

Expected results: The long-term purpose is to actively contribute to bring Europe with its formal and informal institutions closer to Albanian citizens.

Type and number of results: 1 new (yearly) curricular course; 3 intensive courses, 3 summer schools, 7 international conference papers, 1 monography, 3 commemorative events, 12 forums, 3 seminars, continuous public campaign; website.


  • Faculty of History and Philology – UT
  • Faculty of Law – UT
  • Faculty of Economics – UT
  • Faculty of Social Sciences – UT
  • Institute of European Studies – UT
  • European Movement Albania
  • National Chamber of Lawyers
  • University of Gjirokastra