Protection against violence and sexual harassment - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

Protection against violence and sexual harassment

University of Tirana and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in the presence of the Rector of the University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha and the UNDP Representative in Albania, Mrs. Monica Merino, signed on 02.21.2022 an agreement which consists in protecting the academic, administrative staff, and students of UT from all kinds of violence.

Both parties will cooperate in the implementation and drafting of common plans, such as:

– Cooperation to develop a relevant policy and procedures for the prevention and adequate treatment of cases of violence, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplaces of UT educational institutions.

– Commitment to create the necessary resources in order to properly implement the policy and procedures at all levels of UT educational institutions.

– Providing continuous training for all levels of management of UT educational institutions on policies and procedures against violence and sexual harassment in UT public educational institutions. Mrs. Merino and the rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha, highlighted the willingess to make this cooperation effective and long-term.