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Erasmus + Office at UT

Institutional Coordinator Erasmus +
Prof. Assoc. Dr. Bernard DOSTI
Vice Rector for the scientific research side
Tel: +35542250166


Erasmus + Academic Coordinators at the Faculty / Institute level
Faculty of Law – Dr. Ela Podgorica
Faculty of Economics – Prof. Dr. Fatmir Memaj
Faculty of Natural Sciences – Prof. As. Eglantina Kalluçi
Faculty of Social Sciences – Dr. Edvin Lame
Faculty of History and Philology – Prof. Dr Dhurata Shehri for staff, Dr. Elsa Rakipllari for student
Faculty of Foreign Languages ??- Dr. Drita Rira
Institute of European Studies – Prof. Dr. Aljuja Jubani

Erasmus+ KA 107 Agreements signed by the University of Tirana


  • PIC 998022137;
  • OID: E10198722;
  • PADOR: AL-2017-FMI-2401037432.


Are you interested in scholarships abroad? Are you interested in completing a mobility period at Europe’s most prestigious universities? This is the right place. This is your opportunity.

The University of Tirana is part of the newest program “Erasmus +”, launched by the European Union, which aims, among other things, to create opportunities for study, teaching and training abroad in short periods. The types of mobility offered by this program include the exchange of students for studies in cycle I, II and III as well as the exchange of academic staff / academic support with administrative and administrative character for teaching / training.

The University of Tirana has signed a large number of inter-institutional agreements with the most prestigious universities in Europe.

The offered scholarships will significantly affect the increase of knowledge, the increase of your qualification and experience, the recognition and provision of a contemporary literature, necessary for your pedagogical-scientific activity as well as the establishment of personal or institutional contacts for opportunities for cooperation with students / colleagues or other universities.


Erasmus + KA107 template documents

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The main documents in the application for Erasmus + scholarships for students are:

– CV (in the language of the study program);

– Copy of Passport;

– List of grades (officially translated into the language in which the study program will be conducted);

– Student certificate (officially translated into the language in which the study program will be conducted);

– Motivation letter (in the language in which the study program will be conducted);

– Foreign language certificate;


* Learning Agreement Documents;

* Learning Agreement is a contract between the university of origin and the applicant and serves to determine the courses you will take at the host university. You only need to complete the first section “Before Mobility”. Table A defines the courses and credits you will receive at the host university, while Table B defines which of the courses in Table A will be recognized at the University of Tirana when you have completed the exchange period.

ATTENTION: You should choose to take the same courses at the specific university as you would do in the relevant semester at your faculty, so that the courses and credits will be recognized when you return. If the selected courses differ from the ones you would take at your faculty in the respective semester, then when you return you should develop / attend courses that do not fit at the University of Tirana.

The “Learning Agreement” document in the “Commitment” section is signed first by the applicant, then by the academic coordinator at the faculty level and then at the Rectorate by the Erasmus + Institutional Coordinator.

If the student makes course changes during mobility, the During mobility section must be signed by the person in charge at the faculty and then by the person in charge at the Rectorate.

** Documents vary depending on the specific requirements of the host university, which are specified in the relevant call.

Erasmus + evaluation criteria for students


The main application documents for full-time staff are:

– CV + List of publications (in the language of the program);

– Copy of Passport;

– Motivation letter (in the language of the program);

– Certificate of Employment;

– Certificate of foreign language (in the language of the program);

– Self-declaration whether or not you have previously performed Erasmus + mobility (if so, where);

– Mobility plan *;


* The Mobility Plan for staff is a document that should specify your proposed program that you will carry out during the exchange period. This document is signed by the applicant and the responsible person in the Rectorate, who is the Institutional Coordinator of Erasmus +.

** Documents vary depending on the specific requirements of the host university, which are specified in the relevant call.