Rector’s Word

Dear students,

Dear colleague,

Not long ago I was sharing with you my vision for the University of Tirana with the promise that UT will be the right place where standards in the quality of students’ education, qualification of the academic staff, teaching and scientific research processes would lead towards institutional development.

Therefore, this is an obligation for me!

In my capacity as Rector of the University of Tirana, I am honored to represent one of the core higher education institutions in the country with the most promising students and academic staff with a precious intellectual potential. I take pride in leading the University of Tirana which requires a lot of commitment to fulfill the expectations not only for our students but also towards the entire Albanian society by further developing and consolidating our university, which is the place where the highest human values are being nourished.

Currently, with a very high number of young men and women full of hunger for knowledge, the University of Tirana is a national pride.

University of Tirana is on a close symbiosis with the Albanian society and will continue to remain a referential point in terms of the quality of teaching and scientific research as well as a symbol of education and culture which is in line with up-to-date requirements of the society and its challenges with regards to higher education. That will be our strength, synergy of the trinomial: scientific research, quality education, and dedicated students and staff.

University of Tirana will remain the institution where the long and rich tradition is combined with the future, dynamism, and vision by creating a top leading institution in Albania and beyond.

Dear colleagues, our joint willingness is that University of Tirana transforms into an engine for a successful academic and professional future.

University of Tirana will assist students by providing quality and modern services.

We will work tirelessly to materialize every day the best contemporary values in education aiming at development and a better future for the coming generations.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Mynyr KONI