Statute University of Tirana - UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA

Statute University of Tirana




Tirana University established in 1957 is the first comprehensive institution of higher education and scientific research in Albania, based on the most advanced educational traditions and scientific achievements of the country and the world. UT has been evaluated and has taken a dignified place among educational and research institutions in the country.

The result of the high level didactic and research activity of the UT is both a great number of specialists, professors and scientists known and appreciated in Albania and abroad, and a younger generation that has contributed to the democratic development of the country, people who are a guarantee for increasing the levels of science, culture, economy in the process of the construction and consolidation of a democratic society and the rule of law in Albania.

This statute contains norms that regulate the activity of UT in accordance with the legislation in force and guarantee university autonomy and academic freedom, protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Albania.